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Ever since we learned to keep track of the passage of time, mankind has begun to build ever more precise tools that can accurately indicate time. Over the centuries, watches have represented more than just a measuring instrument, becoming a true status symbol. Unfortunately, the prohibitive costs and in some cases the high levels of rarity represent for many people the insurmountable limits to be able to buy the watch of their dreams. With the advent of new technologies and in particular the nft and metaverse in 2022, it became possible for everyone to wear a faithful digital version of the highest examples of craftsmanship in the world of watchmaking. Moreover, according to the very nature of the nonfungible tokens, it is possible to prove at any time the ownership of your accessory. For this reason, we at "the Artisan" have decided to create a collection of watches of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness. However, to honor the world of craftsmanship and to offer a greater value to our future customers we decided to add the possibility of winning a physical watch, exclusively during the launches of the first three collections. In the metaverse, you can wear your watch, visit our exclusive boutique and deposit your nft inside our "Caveau" to get a periodic income. The flaring NFT trading market needs the founding of “the Artisan”, whose mission is to make accessible to the public the possibility of owning a unique and inimitable watch. “the Artisan” aims to build a bridge between top-notch artists and watchmaking enthusiasts.
An excellent team gathers excellent people. “the Artisan” team members come from world-renowned watchmaking boutiques and important marketing companies. Our members have rich experience in both traditional and
digital arts. It is just the beginning of a splendid chapter with the
founding of “the Artisans” as the prelude. A great journey where watches of the highest quality are accessible for all has now begun.
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